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Scholarships | Beatrice Educational Foundation


The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
– B.B. King

How to Set Up a Scholarship 


  • Gifts made to an endowment are invested in perpetuity to generate earnings to support the purposes of the endowment.  The gifts(s) form the principal of the endowment.  The principal is never spent without specific authorization from the donor; the scholarships are provided by the earnings from the principal.
  • The principal should be vested for an entire year before the first scholarship awards would be made.
  • Endowments are invested by the Beatrice Educational Foundation.
  • Distributions are generally made from endowment earnings.
  • Scholarships are awarded annually at the Beatrice Public Schools spring awards ceremony.  Donors may restrict awards on the basis of need or merit.  Criteria determined by the donor in consultation with the Beatrice Educational Foundation can give preference to students seeking particular careers, participating in certain activities, and hold a particular grade point average.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the donor, scholarships are not paid out until after the scholarship winner has completed the first semester or quarter in an accredited college or university, and a transcript of grades is received by the Beatrice Educational Foundation.  If the scholarship award recipient fails to enroll in an accredited college or university OR if the student does not complete the semester or quarter, an alternate award recipient will be selected by the Scholarship and Awards Committee.


  • The donor may not name scholarship recipients.  The donor will be kept fully informed of who is selected as the recipient.
  • The donor cannot serve on the selection committee.
  • Criteria may not compromise the Beatrice Educational Foundation’s tax exempt status or accreditation or violate the law.

Setting up Scholarship Criteria
The Beatrice Educational Foundation will work with the donor to set up the scholarship selection criteria that governs the administration of the scholarship.  The following items need to be addressed when setting up a scholarship with the Beatrice Educational Foundation.

  • Purpose of the scholarship.
  • Minimum size of the award.
  • Is there a maximum size of the award?  If the maximum is reached, will an additional scholarship be awarded?
  • Qualifications pertaining to recipients:
    GPA requirement?
    SAT / ACT requirement?
    Involved in particular classes?
    Involved in particular school/non-school activities?
    College/University requirement?  (in-state / out-state / designate specific college or university?)
    Letters of recommendation required?  How many?
    Financial need?

For more information about setting up a scholarship with the Beatrice Educational Foundation, contact John Brazell, Director of Business Affairs Beatrice Public Schools jbrazell@bpsnebr.org or a member of the Beatrice Educational Foundation www.beatricefoundation.com.

Scholarship Application


NOTE: All scholarships listed herein use the general scholarship application form of the Beatrice Educational Foundation. The application form is due March 1 st in the Beatrice Senior High Guidance Office at 4:00 p.m. Typewritten applications are required.
The intent of the Foundation is to provide funds to deserving students needing assistance to attend a school of higher learning. Should a recipient receive other scholarship funds in excess of need, the Foundation scholarship will not be forwarded at that time. It will, however, be available for a five-year period should the recipient need these funds at a later date for tuition, room and board, or books. Foundation scholarships are restricted to undergraduate studies.

Each applicant shall, in good faith, meet the criteria of each scholarship awarded.  If the criteria is not met, the scholarship may be awarded to an alternate at the discretion of the Beatrice Educational Foundation.